How Can I Find The Best Small Business Owner Retirement Plans?

What is Your Ultimate Financial Goal?

If you are a successful business owner seeking a retirement funding opportunity, or evaluating your existing retirement plan, your likely ultimate financial goal is to…

Accumulate, Preserve, and Transfer Wealth.

You’ve worked hard to achieve your successful financial standing. Now you are ready to reap the rewards of that financial success with a thoughtful, carefully planned strategy to help you achieve your financial goal.

But just how do you do that, and is there a way to combine achieving your financial goals with reducing your current taxes?

The Challenge

The challenge for you, as a small business owner, is to determine what is the most beneficial way to build your assets, both from an accumulation and a tax-savings viewpoint, so that they will be available to help you achieve your retirement goals. A pension plan designed specifically for your business may be the solution.

The Choices with Better Future Finances

• 412 (e)(3) Defined Benefit Plans

• Traditional Defined Benefit Plans

• New Comparability Profit Sharing Plans

• 401(k) Plans (including Safe Harbor plans)

• And more!

Do YOU need a Small Business Owner Retirement Plan?

Ask yourself these questions:

• Is it costing you money NOT having a retirement plan?

• Does Your Business Need Additional Tax Deductions?

• Does your business have all the tax deductions it needs?

• Do you have all the retirement income you need?

• Are you looking for a way to attract and keep employees?

Do you already have a plan? Tale a look at these questions to ask yourself.

• Is it the right plan for your needs?

• Are you satisfied with the fees and administration?

• Do you have a large selection of investment options?

• Are you satisfied with the return?

• Has your plan been reviewed after the recent tax law changes liberalizing the rules for business owners and senior executives?

If you do not have a retirement plan, or even if you do have an existing plan, you need to review the new plans created by recent tax law changes available for small business owners. Retirement plans are more flexible and appealing than ever before, and there are numerous plan designs to choose from. Retirement plans today may allow you, as the small business owner, to receive 60%, 70%, or even more of the deductible business contribution. In such cases, it could be costing you money not having a plan! But how do you know which type of plan to choose?

Allow us to give you a free look at the innovative retirement plans available today. You have retirement goals—let us help you achieve them.

Source: United States Government Accountability Office
“Retirement Security – Challenges and Prospects for Employees of Small Businesses, 2013.


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